I am Ricky Spears, Virginia Beach's leading SharePoint consultant.

Since 2006, I have dedicated myself to helping the workforce make better use of SharePoint. I've helped hundreds of organizations run more efficiently and become more profitable. Let's talk about what I can do for you!

Why Choose Ricky Spears as Your SharePoint Expert?

  • I understand SharePoint inside and out. As an IT and business professional, I've worked with every version of SharePoint in the past decade (2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, and Office 365). While most SharePoint experts focus on a single aspect, such as server administration or development, I've immersed myself with the integration of all of SharePoint's capabilities. This provides me with the versatility to help with server administration and configuration (including upgrades), as well as designing, developing, and implementing solutions for information architecture and taxonomy, business process automation, business intelligence, functional design, graphical design, and planning and governance.
  • I understand business inside and out. I've served many roles as an employee, a consultant, and a business owner. When I was an employee, I experienced a variety of settings including warehouses, customer facing retail, purchasing, marketing, IT, and senior management. I have clients in a number of industries including: financial services and banking, energy, manufacturing, health care, education, government, and the U.S. military. I work with large global organizations as well as small local businesses.
  • I seek to understand people. I believe people come first. People are at the heart of business and technology is just one of the tools they use. Solid solutions must meet the goals and objectives of the organization while making each employee's job easier. Your office staff will find me personable and approachable as we explore their challenges. Your board of directors will find me professional and easy to understand when I present proposals for complex solutions.

How Can I Help You?

I'm available for short-term projects (a few hours) to long-term projects (several days, weeks, or months). Work can be done remotely or in person. I'm available to work on-site for both short-term or long-term projects in the Wilmington, NC area. I can travel to any location in the United States for long-term assignments when it's necessary to be on-site. I can work remotely with clients anywhere in the world.

Projects I've been involved in include:

  • SharePoint Server Installation, Configuration, and Administration
  • SharePoint Server Version Upgrade Planning and Deployment (2007 to 2010, 2010 to 2013, 2007 to 2013)
  • SharePoint Server Troubleshooting
  • Information Architecture and Taxonomy Planning, Design, and Implementation
  • Electronic Form Design (InfoPath) and Workflow Automation (SharePoint Designer)
  • Search Center Customization
  • Custom Branding (Look-and-Feel)
  • Development of Custom Training Courseware
  • Teaching Custom Training Classes